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Burns Like Fire is a punk rock and roll group from Athens, GA. Formed in late 2010 the group quickly took to song writing with the intention of playing shows, recording and touring. Since their inception they have recorded two EP’s “Year of the Rat” (2011) & “To the Ground” (2014) as well as a full length “D.F.L.” (2012). The latter was recorded at Moathouse Studios and produced by Roger Mangenelli (Less Than Jake / Rehasher) and mastered by Stephen Egerton (Decendents / All / Black Flag) at Armstrong Studios.

We have had the pleasure of playing with Bad Religion, Pennywise, Anti-Flag, Against Me!, Authority Zero, Propagandhi, The Menzingers, Polar Bear Club, Dead to Me, Strung Out, Masked Intruder, The Vibrators, Street Dogs, Devils Brigade, the Howlers, Nekromantix, Red City Radio, the Queers, Agent Orange, Mustard Plug, Old Man Markley, MXPX, Unwritten Law, The Flatliners, Teenage Bottle Rocket, OFF!, Off With Thier Heads, Such Gold, The Swellers, Sick Of It All, The Pinkerton Thugs, The Bronx and so many others.

We're Back 2022! Keep an eye out for shows, new tunes and some fun with friends.

Take a a listen to our latest album "Always In Trouble" :


 Web Couch : Guitar / Vox
Josh Smith : Guitar / Vox

Charley Ferlito : Bass /Vox
Craigan Hogland : Guitar / Vox
Parker Bradshaw : Drums

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